Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday Evening News & Notes

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-Are we hitting the new Morning in America? It appears so. There's been a lot of good news since Trump won; the markets shattered records, a huge oil discovery in Texas and now this:

And 'optimistic' might be an understatement. According to the latest report, in some cases, Americans are the most hopeful they have been in more than a decade. For the first time since 2006, 37 percent of households said they expect their personal finances to improve in 2017. Also hitting decade highs: real income expectations, as wage growth continues to gain strength in a broadening swath of the economy. 
Note that Bloomberg tries like hell to tamper the news that this is because of Trump but they are Bloomberg and they are biased. Now let's all hope Trump can come through. 

-Well this is funny. So a magazine called Blackhair that bills itself as the leading publication for women of color in Europe accidentally had a cover model who is white woman named Emily Bador. But what if Ms. Bador identified as black that day, it worked for Rachel Dolezal. 

-The Trump people say Elton John will play the Trump inauguration. John has not confirmed as of yet but he did play Rush Limbaugh's wedding. Here's a funny dig by a Trump transition team member:
“This will be the first American president in US history that enters the White House with a pro-gay rights stance,” Scaramucci claimed.
-Ace remains the funniest guy on the Internet day in and day out. Dude gives no fucks. 

-Tommy Hilfiger is a capitalist and knows that dressing Melania would be a huge get for any designer. You may recall that Michelle Obama's designer (I forget her name and don't care enough to look up the sniveling weasel--it's probably in the article but I'm not giving her the plug) said she would not work with Melania and no other designers should either. I guess Tommy is giving her the finger. Plus, have you seen the dresses? 

-Megyn Kelly has a new book out. Apparently Trump supporters have pretty much trashed her in the reviews...or maybe the book just sucks. Anyway, Amazon is covering for her by erasing some of the reviews. I used to like Kelly but she just comes across as arrogant and not too bright now that she's on daily. 

-Allegedly General Mattis changed Trump's mind on waterboarding. Mattis supposedly said “Give me a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers and I’ll do better.". If we can get better results with a few Coors Lights and a pack of Marlboro's I'm all for it. 

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