Monday, November 28, 2016

Vile Liberals Rush to Judgement After OSU Terror Attack

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It's now way past being a trend, it is strictly embedded in their DNA. Every single time there is a terror attack--be it San Bernardino or Orlando--liberals instantly take to social media and rail against what they believe to be lax gun laws in the US. 99% of the time they are completely wrong. They pray that it is a right wing psycho who is a member of the NRA, KKK and the alt-right who killed because the victims were gay/minority/woman/transgender. But it never works out that way.

Take Orlando as a great example, the killer was a Muslim who pledged allegiance to ISIS and killed them because they were gay. San Bernardino was the same thing, it was a Muslim who waged his own personal jihad at the expense of numerous people. Even the murders in the church in South Carolina were perpetrated by a psychotic neo-Nazi who was not a mainstream Republican but a mentally disabled psycho.

Today, the first reports were of a mass shooting in Ohio. The disgusting Shannon Watts immediately took to Twitter to denounce the senseless gun violence and blame gun owners:

There was no evidence but a report of a generic mass shooting, which is what the university probably calls any event of violence. Instead of waiting, she immediately looked to further her agenda. She took the infamous Rahm Emanuel line "never let a good crisis go to waste" and ran with it.

She was quickly proven very wrong since the "shooter" did not have a gun but did indeed have a car and a big knife, which used to try to kill. Sadly for Shannon, it was a man with a gun who ended the affair by putting a bullet into the wannabe killer and ending the event before it could become a slaughter.

And what about the former VP candidate Tim Kaine? He jumped right in with both feet and had to walk it back:

 Both of these people didn't care about waiting and they didn't care about the victims, they cared about their agenda. They didn't wait for the full story because they wanted it to be true so badly it was uncontrollable to them. To this point I cannot find Watts saying anything to the contrary because she blocked me years ago.

It's at the point now that they just throw anything out and hope it sticks. While most people care about the victims and hope they survive, Watts and her ilk hope that they die and especially they die from a gun. She was probably disappointed there was no gun involved (and doubly so that one ended it) and is probably puking that this was a jihadi terror attack perpetrated by a Muslim man who immigrated to the US in 2014.

This is where the Democratic party is currently and it's abhorrent. This is why they lost to Trump, this is why they are so blinded by their sense of righteousness that they come off as unfeeling lunatics. They will never let any facts get in the way because they try to set the agenda before the facts are out. They further try to shape the story to fit their needs.

This is why they have been cast into the wasteland and are the objects of ridicule and scorn. By waiting one hour they could've saved themselves the indignity of looking like the worst kind of zealot.

One final note: this is the exact type of attack our enemies want. Disaffected young adherents who are easily swayed to commit murder. They don't need guns and they don't need explosives. We saw this in Nice and the UK and now it's here in the US. While Watts and Kaine beclown themselves, it's time for the adults to stand up and start finding solutions.

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