Thursday, November 17, 2016

Every Trump Supporter Needs to Chill the Hell Out

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People, relax. The man was elected a little over a week ago. No one knows what his selections are going to be with regard to his cabinet and the other 3900 hundred jobs he has to fill. No one knows what his policy decisions will be with the exception of the idea of national open carry.

We all need to give the man a few weeks to get his head around whom to select and why to select them. He's not wavering, he's not walking anything back and he's not selling us out, he's just trying to put together a team that comprises the best people in the best positions; that's what a CEO does.

I hear people freaking out and bailing on the guy based on newspaper reports from people who camp out and watch the elevators at Trump Towers and then write stories based on supposition. Believe me, Trump hates the media--hence the steak dinner they are still being whiny bitches about--he's not telling them anything and anything you read should be read with a grain of salt.

The man is busy taking calls from world leaders trying to suck up, dealing with former enemies trying to get in good with the man they ridiculed and talking to commie mayors...okay, that last one is one that has me a little suspicious but I'll wait and see.

Chill out y'all, let's give it some space and see where he goes with all this. It's an enormous time for us and these picks will shape the world for the next few years.

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