Tuesday, November 29, 2016

An Open Letter to All You Whiny Liberal Bastards

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I've been writing this blog for nearly 15 years and have had my moments with those on the left. When I wrote for AOL's The Stump blog back in the 2000's, I was the token conservative and used to battle y'all every day. Nowadays it's Facebook and the same old shit just keeps going. The thing is, when I really started following politics, liberals were tolerable. You still had some of the JFK "ask not what your country can do for you" mentality and had actual smart ideas to add to the national debate. During the Reagan years you had your moments where you busted on Ronnie Raygun but you were civil. Even into the Bush 41 years you were civil--even during the first Gulf War. Into the Clinton years you started out civil but started losing your fucking minds towards the end. The Monica Lewinsky scandal was really when you started the slide down the hill toward becoming the despicable people you are today.

But you really became complete and utter fucking assholes during the Bush years. It started with the "he was selected, not elected" bullshit and grew during that first summer. But then 9/11 happened and for a few weeks you acted almost like proud Americans. But you could't make it last because your hatred is too deep. You hate America, you hate anyone more conservative than Al Gore and you hate the fact that your dumb ass paid a lot of money for a degree that got you nowhere. You're bitter fucking people who believe the world owes you something and never learned that the the world owes no one, anywhere, anything.

As the Bush years went on you started making up stupid conspiracy theories about 9/11, you thought Michael Moore was the height of intelligence and you further stewed in your own fetid hate juices. Then Bush invaded Iraq and you lost whatever passes for a mind in your lame existence. You cheered film makers who fantasized about Bush being assassinated and cheered disgusting screeds about the first black female Secretary of State Condi Rice and the Jews being complicit in 9/11.  You flat out lost any humanity you once had.

Then came the re-emergence of the race card. Oh boy did y'all play that one. You began driving a wedge between Americans who moved past race and you and the media cheered as race whores Sharpton and Jackson divided us. You played up the actions of some idiot soldiers in Abu Ghraib mistreating prisoners as an indictment of the entire military while others who were serving were fighting and dying for places like Fallujah and the Korengal Valley. The media giddily counted down the deaths until the reached 3,000 in Iraq and paraded Cindy Sheehan and those Code Pink degenerates all over the place. I really started hating your fucking guts right around that point but held out hope.

Then came the second Bush term and you all really started coming unglued. Conservative commentators like Michelle Malkin were slammed with the most vile threats such as rape and murder. You showed your true colors by treating us on the right as "the other" whom are unworthy of one iota of respect. Black conservatives were slammed as Uncle Tom's and any other minority on the right was belittled while you looked at everything we said and made even the most innocuous statements into racial slurs.

Then came your nirvana: the Obama years. It was open season on us then. Every fucking time we disagreed we did it solely because of race in your eyes. You cemented it in your brains that anyone that didn't agree with you was a complete racist and had to be shut down. With social media blossoming you shrunk farther into the cocoon y'all made and all you heard was what you wanted to and agreed with. Those with other viewpoints were shut down and the media played right along with you. The echo chamber became a safe space and pretty soon you wanted the entire world to be your safe space. You protested at colleges to make sure it was an environment completely devoid of anything contrary to your feeble thoughts. You all fancy yourself as enlightened because you have a black friend, fucked a Hispanic girl or posted a gay flag on your Twitter account. In reality you did nothing but you felt good so there's that.

As the Obama years went on and he became more of a divider you went after the cops. You glorified a man in Ferguson who attacked a store owner who stole from the man then was shot by the cops for being violent. You made "hands up, don't shoot" you mantra but two important things were left out: A) He never said those words and B) I didn't see a damn one of you pasty white liberals showing up in Ferguson and protesting. You almost cheered every time another black man was shot by a cop but never once questioned why this happened. In some cases the cop who did the shooting was black as well. You took everything you could from each incident except you left the fucking facts behind.

You really outdid yourselves in the scumbag department by hoping and praying that every mass attack was a white dude named O'Callahan and when that almost always ended up not being the case you didn't apologize but instead struck out at my civil right to own a weapon.

But a funny thing happened while you were smoking a joint and begging for explicit permission to bang some young college chick, more than half the nation started hating you as well. people said to themselves "am I racist?".  And they decided that no, they weren't because they grew past the race issue. people thought to themselves that how can I and by extension be racist if we elected a black man to two terms? They went to work every day and worked alongside black people, had drinks with them and met their families. They also decided that watching people like Kate Steinle get murdered in cold blood by an illegal alien who was not even supposed to be in the US was not right. They watched as the welfare roles and food stamps usage increased dramatically while their paychecks shrank. They watched as Obamacare gave insurance to people who don't work and caused their own insurance to increase by 30, 40 or 50%. More importantly they realized that for the first time in a hundred years their own kids would not have the opportunities that they did may not be more successful.

So now here we are. Your actions over the last 30 years have led to this point. Your closed-minded views, hateful language and all-around fucking distasteful personalities led those of us who love America have hope for its future and want to make us great again vote against you in droves. Not many of us were avid supporters of Trump at first but instead were voting against pieces of shit like you. You brought this on yourselves. You trebled the effect by nominating Hillary and never taking a second to ask why we were so mad about Benghazi and the email scandal.

For the record, I'm not talking about all liberals. As I noted above, there have always been honest liberal who love their country but a significantly smaller group than ever before. So before you go apeshit and start commenting that I'm a fucking asshole and blah, blah, blah...read what I've written and if it applies to you I guess you would be one of the idiots I'm talking about and I don't give a fuck what you think anymore.

I'm done. I'm done being called racist when I'm not even remotely and am an advocate of doing something for the poor inner cities besides what liberal policies have done for the last 50 years. I'm sick of being called xenophobic when I lived less than ten miles from the border, had numerous Mexican friends yet think it's a good idea to protect an open border. I'm sick of being called homophobic when I was for gay unions before both Hillary and Obama. I'm sick of being called Islamophobic when I sit here and watch a Muslim jihad taking place in America on a regular basis while the president downplays it as workplace violence (Fort Hood) or just a psycho whom happened to be Muslim (Orlando). I sick of being called a fascist by people who have no idea what the term means. I'm sick of you liberals turning on the cops who protect your sorry fucking asses.

So guess what you liberal fucks; I go to bed every single night with a smile on my face because I know you are miserable. I know your hatred has consumed you to the point that you can't handle anything. I laugh knowing that the "free" college you thought you were going to get will never come to fruition and that liberal arts degree will never allow you pay it back because I served in the US Navy and earned my way (and currently have a son doing the same). I laugh because the people who go to work every day and take care of their families won and you lost, they will see less money taken from their paychecks and given to you. Go back to your mothers basement, go back to college and run up more debt while getting your masters in women's studies or just go straight to hell, I don't give a shit anymore about your feelings.

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