Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday Evening News & Notes

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Almost there people! One more day, short week next week and then turkey, football and full blown Christmas insanity.

Here's what's happening:

Shocker! The media backs Obama on accepting Syrian refugees. Remember how the media used to love to call out conservatives who didn't serve in the military by referring to them as "chicken hawks"? How about we refer to those who don't take Syrian men into their homes as just plain hypocrites. I say Nick Kristoff should be the first, Ahmed will enjoy living on the upper west side, it'll make that trek to Times Square so much easier.

No Bernie, FDR's policies did not end the depression, they extended it. WWII ended the recession. revisionist history doesn't look good on you. Perhaps you can expound on his greatest legacy: locking up honest Americans because they looked Japanese.  

Meet my newest hero. represent proudly, bro.

With every other president, their first thought was the safety and security of the citizens who elected them. With Obama it's not even an afterthought. Sharyl Attkison is among the best reporters doing the job today. CBS let her go because she didn't toe the liberal line but she's fair as hell in her reporting. It sure will be interesting to see how Obama reacts if we get hit again like Paris did but it will be even more interesting to see the real Obama emerge when he's out of office.

There's just no way to spin this: A large health insurance company is set to bail on Obamacare because it does exactly what every single conservative warned it would do. It's unsustainable but I for one have zero sympathy, they joined up and pushed this bullshit law because they thought they'd make a killing. Instead they lost money. I'm sure your shareholders are thrilled.

Jared Fogle is going away for 15 years for his disgusting crimes. I'm sure he'll do just fine in there, we all know they love child molesters. I'll leave the immature prison rape joke about foot longs out of this.

Trump extends his lead, Rubio and Carson now tied with Carson losing a lot of points. Trump may just win this thing, he's starting to seem inevitable.

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