Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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It's been awhile but got the writing bug back. I may be rusty but always try to bring my "A" game so here goes:

-The vile Nancy Pelosi says "we are all American's" while standing at the border where hundreds of thousands of people are swarming through unchecked. I wonder how she's feel if we shipped all of these illegals up to her district in northern California and forced them to pay for the care, housing and processing of them. I'm sure the rise in crime rates, burden on the local infrastructure and introduction of diseases would go over fantastically. K say we ship some to New York City as well since Mayor DiBlasio is of the same mind as Pelosi on this.

-Long time readers (if I have any more left) may remember the epic battles I used to get in with the Swarthmore College liberals. I liked them for the most part--at least as much as one can like the privileged children of wealthy white liberals who have had no real world, diversified experience outside of seeing one black guy who mistakenly took a wrong turn and ended up in Bryn Mawr. they used to attempt to debate me on the issues of the day in their cute, smug manner. Well, it appears things haven't really changed that much in the land of of the Swatties.

-To every person who's been paying attention the NY Times has done a horrible job (read the usual job) of covering the IRS scandal. Imagine for a sec it was a Republican president who ordered the IRS to audit and/or give special attention to his political enemies in a move to silence them. The story would be front page, above the fold every single day for months. The Times has not had one front page story and has barely even mentioned it. So after some inquiries from one of the fifteen readers they still have left, they did an internal investigation and found that they've done a fine job of covering a non-story thank you very much. Now shut up you rube.

-In what can only be described as the worst article ever written in a somewhat major online magazine; Slate tries to make the case that global warming is responsible for the carnage ISIS has caused in Iraq and Syria. No, really.

Could there be a connection between climate change and the emerging conflict in Iraq?The short answer is a qualified yes, according to Frank Femia of the Center for Climate and Security, a Washington-based policy institute advised by senior retired military and national security leader.
So who is Frank Femia? He's a guy who has a financial stake in ensuring the public takes global warming seriously so he interjects global warming into everything he can. Slate is of the same mind and using the fact that Femia's organization has affiliations with former top military men who are only seeking a paycheck has equated the lack of rain in Mesopotamia with the growing threat of ISIS.  The fact that ISIS is just the next group to follow in the 600 year tradition of re-establishing the great caliphate and is carrying on the same work as their ideological brethren form the 1600's is not worth the time to discuss. I would like to offer a new hypothesis: The downfall of Slate magazine has been caused by global warming: their incessant chattering about the topic that most America's rank last on their list of concerns has led to a massive decrease in their bottom line and forced them to publish articles that cause people to point and laugh at. 

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