Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve News and Notes

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Here's what's happening in the world:

-MSNBC is the all white/GOP racism, all the time channel. But racism on their part is wholly acceptable because in their fetid minds, only conservatives can be racist.

-The NY Times is looking to 2016 and they are going full-bore for Hillary. They start with revisionist history on Benghazi.

-The political winners and losers of 2013. They sprinkled in a few Republicans as losers but it was a particularly bad year for the Donks.

-Someone with a hell of a lot more time than I have added up the body counts in movies and out it in graph form.

-Of course they did: NY Times and CNBC wish the killer of 70-million happy birthday on day after Christmas.

-The Pittsburgh Steelers got screwed. Too bad for them but the Chargers are sure happy.

-I can't believe they whittled it down to only ten: Media malpractice in 2013.

-This ought to give me a few more years: 3-D printed livers.

-And finally, Fly, Eagles Fly:

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Anonymous said...

Where have you been Scott,I miss your rants brother.