Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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Some things I meant to get to earlier but didn't.

-The long list of Obama's broken promises. I'm surprised it fit in one column.

-Obama said that if Syria crossed his imaginary "red line", there would be consequences. It appears they not only crossed it but leapt over it with both feet while giving him the finger. I'm guessing he's going to choose the Clinton route and launch some missiles into Syrian army targets so he has cover and can say he did something. Plus, he'd have the extra added benefit of taking the heat off himself with all these scandals going on ala Clinton when the Monica Lewinsky scandal up.

-Aside from the "fuck you" aspect of Muslim organizers of a march in DC selecting 9-11 as the day, I have other issues with this march. One being the fact that Muslim's have not been harassed as much as the media would want you to believe and they really have no grievance against treatment in the US. At the same time, the leaders of that community have never come out against any of the attacks from 9-11 to Nidal Hasan. While they as a group did not plan or participate in the attacks, groups like CAIR have not exactly condemned them either. A group of bikers intend to make this anniversary of the 9-11 attacks a memorable one by organizing a huge rally on the same day. I'm sure the DC police are thrilled. Via Katie Pavlich.

-What the hell is going on in San Diego? While politicians have always come from a lower breed of human, San Diego really seems to have scraped the bottom of the barrel. Granted, this latest charge is probably bull shit but for crying out loud, my former city is a mess.

-The state of Texas gives the victims of the Nidal Hasan jihadi attack what they've earned: the status of war combatants. This is a war and Hasan said exactly that in the court room.

-Delbert Belton was a war hero. He was brutally beaten to death by two young black men. This could be the real trigger for a debate on race in America where we discuss why violence is the norm in minority community. Why are places like Chicago, Detroit and Trenton witnessing huge spikes in black on black crime? Why is the African-American community suffering through immensely higher unemployment? These are just some of the questions we could discuss and make the death of Mr. Belton a watershed moment where we actually talked about the issue openly and honestly. Instead, the media and President Obama want nothing to do with it because when they talk about race, they would rather quote MLK III who is a divider than talk about solving the problems and making us united. The media and hate pimps like Al Sharpton want no dialogue or solutions because they make their money on perpetuating hate and poverty.

-Liberal and feminist icon Camille Paglia asks what exactly has Hillary done that she deserves to be president? When you've lost Ms. Paglia...

-While I find Juan Cole a pretty detestable person, he does have a point on the NSA cases including new info that NSA staffers were cyber stalking ex-girlfriends.

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