Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Night News & Notes

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Well we got a few more inches of that global warming today. Fuck you Al Gore.

So what's going on? We were treated to some excellent b-ball this weekend and Tiger seems to be back plus he's tapping Lindsey Vonn so all is right with the world I guess.

Anyway, here's what's going on in this crazy-ass world:

-Rand Paul's libertarian side comes out and I really can't disagree that non-violent drug crimes should not result in prison. How many lives have been ruined because a young kid had some dope on him. Treatment is always the option.

-I'm hearing more and more about this. People who lost their jobs and decided to enjoy a month or two of funemployment instead of going right out and looking for a job. All of sudden the 8 weeks turns to 99 weeks and they have no income. That leaves finding a job but after two years you're essentially unemployable or disability.

-For the record, I cannot remember anything funny Jim Carrey ever did. think about it; the Cable Guy sucked, The Mask was fucking stupid and unwatchable, Ace Ventura was probably the worst movie I've ever seen and I would rather lick the tire of a grocery cart then ever see Bruce Almighty again. The guy is horrible and made it thanks to the Wayan's and the inane public who have no sense of humor and shell out $10 bucks to see something every weekend instead of doing something productive. Anyway, this dickhead is trying to revive his failing career by tweeting links to stupid You Tube videos he made against the NRA and Charlton Heston. Just go away pussy, you got shooed away by a girl.

-Speaking of people well passed their prime; Tina Fey's movie cratered. She's just not funny either. Mean Girls was clever and hit a note with the public but besides her lame Sarah Palin impression, what else is even remotely memorable? Go away scarface. 

-Obama's kids seem to enjoy the life every kid wishes they had...if their parents could get good paying jobs...or any job...and quality health insurance...while trying to save their underwater mortgage. It's just a bad visual when we're still in the shitter.

-Reason #456,798,089 California is in the toilet and may never climb out. When a civil servant signs a deal to get $400,000 per year for life and someone in authority thought it was okay to agree, there's a bit of a problem.

-Some heavy weight Democrat douchebag from the worse half of the Garden State was getting all kinds of kinky while getting paid at one of his government jobs. Does anyone ever realize that their texts, emails and other correspondence are forever? Ah, it's probably a career enhancer in the NJ Democratic party led by Menendez.

-This post brought to you by a cheerleader from Florida Gulf Coast University who will have to live this down:

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