Sunday, October 07, 2012

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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Happy Sunday.

Eagles and Steelers in the early game should be one of the better ones. I have the Eagles winning in a close one and considering the Eagles three wins were a combined 4 points it's not a huge stretch. Expect Celek and McCoy to have big games. I'm guessing the game turns on a special teams play.

-Since Obama is having a hard time reassuring normal American's he is flying to LA to reassure those who really have been suffering. Katy Perry and Jon Bon Jovi look to be seriously hurting in my eyes and need to be perked up.

-Before the debate, we were told repeatedly that with the possible exception of the 1960 Nixon-Kennedy face off, debate rarely change races. I guess this means that Romney's can of whoop ass opening all over Obama was historic then.

-I haven't watched SNL in years but I always find it humorous when they bust on their own:

-Speaking of MSNBC, how delusional are they that they think David Axelrod prepping Joe Biden will be helpful. I have been looking forward to this debate for months. The anticipation of Joe Biden being in the fetal position while Ryan hammers him with facts is almost too much. What's the over-under for stupid things said by Biden? 6?

This post brought to you by Eagles cheerleader Becky. You're welcome:

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