Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Night News & Notes

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Happy Friday y'all.

-So we're getting down to the nitty-gritty in the election. The debates are a week or so away and it's close. How close? Close enough that the media has gone into uber protection mode for Obama including editing video tape to make the story one about the alleged incompetence of Mitt and not about something important like signs about the serious potential for a return to recession. It's time to seriously consider boycotting NBC and contacting their advertisers.

-So a woman is videoed saying how she's happy she gets a free phone from Obama. A phone you and I pay for in a tax BTW. We are racist for even viewing a video of a woman saying she enjoys free shit she thinks she gets from Obama. You're also racist for reading this blog that actually never says anything racist but criticizes Obama and in the liberal mind that's racist enough.

-Has free speech ever been under assault like it is currently? No time since the end of WWII, that's for damn sure. But of course, many laws rights were obliterated in that war by the liberal icon FDR.

-Mark Steyn can write about anything and make it interesting. He's filled the void left by Hitchens in my mind.

-If there's any band I hate more than Coldplay it would have to be Muse. Whenever I hear that fucking band, I want to crank up some Tool or Deftones and find the entire band and punch them repeatedly. They think they actually are agents of change and have the power to sway minds and opinions when in reality they are semi-literate non-thinkers who write tedious music. That's not been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by a lame member of the band reported by the communist mouthpiece the Guardian.

-Good Old Fashioned Democratic Hate Speech.

This post brought to you by the beautiful and talented Natalie Merchant. She would be horrified to know that since she's as socialist as Obama but the woman was blessed with some of the best pipes ever and her song writing is second to none. I learned a long time ago to put aside my ideology when it comes to music. Enjoy:


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