Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Night News & Notes

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Mondays suck....Except Mondays where there's football and that's only 2 weeks away.

-This one was viral over the weekend. A band called the Voters and there song Blame It On Bush:

-Tropical Storm Isaac is about to become Hurricane Isaac and word is it may well be a cat 2 storm by the time it hits the coast near New Orleans. Here's to hoping that all the fixes they installed after Katrina work and save the city. They seem to have had more trouble with this one than most but here's the latest cone:

I do a lot of business in Louisville and it is now in the cone and more and more tracks show it being affected. That's one city that can't handle the water due to an archaic sewer system. Follow the Weather Nerd Brendan Loy for more.

-I saw Sublime with Rome, Pepper, Cypress Hill, a band named Bong Hits for Jesus (they were entertaining) and two other bands I've forgotten over the weekend at the (believe it or not: Hemp Heals Benefit). Pepper rocked and has only gotten tighter and better since I first saw them open for 311 a few years ago. Cypress Hill was awesome as well. An experience to say the least and I'm not a rap fan. Sublime was good...real good. But not great. Not sure why they didn't exactly reach the great plateau but worth seeing. With that said, how about Cypress Hill's Insane in the Membrane played through a color-changing squid?

-A few RNC notes. Reince Priebus had the unfortunate duty to sit in on an MSNBC interview panel that included Chrissy Matthews. Chrissy hyperventilated and did his usual verbal Lewinsky of Obama while Priebus handled it like a man. He wasn't upset because, you know, no one cares about Matthews or watches his show. Also, there's a distinct possibility that the convention may be cut down to a day or not happen at all. Doubtful but why give the Dems any room to ruin the message? If New Orleans is sunning again, it ain't going to look too good with balloons falling and a bunch of hugs and glad-handing. 

-This doesn't look good

-Update: Oops, forgot this. Obama paid homage to Neil Armstrong with, what else, a picture of himself...and an old one at that. What an egotistical bastard, 

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