Sunday, August 05, 2012

A Sunday Trip Through the Inquirer's Biased Opinion Pages

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Another Sunday, another dose of the Inqy's pro-Obama bias with ones coffee. people ask me why do I still subscribe to the lefty rag; my reply is that it has a great sports section and to be honest, i hold out hope that one day they'll get it. Through all the management changes you would expect them to finally understand that while the city of Philly is liberal, the Jersey suburbs and some counties directly outside the city are center right.

Anyway, let's start with our old buddy Dick Polman. You can always count on Dick to give you a huge dose of Obama/Democrat talking points and today is no exception. He writes of the reemergence of Slick Willy and as you would expect, he gives Bill a journalistic Lewinsky:

But memories fade quickly in this amnesiac nation. Today, he's venerated for his postpresidential charity work, his '90s tenure seems in retrospect to have been a peace-and-prosperity paradise, and there isn't a politician in the land who can match his ability to frame complex issues in everyday human terms. As they used to say in Arkansas, he can still talk a dog off a meat truck.
You just may need a smoke after that paragraph, Dick. Were you wearing a blue dress?

The editorial board is no better. When the Delaware River Port Authority was in the hands of Jon Corzine and Ed Rendell, they wasted what was considered huge amounts of money pre-Obama on boondoggle projects and the Inqy said nothing of consequence. Now that the leaders are two Republicans, and one being Chris Christie, we have editorials slamming them. I'm still waiting for that editorial asking what Corzine did with all that money from MF.

Of course, they couldn't go without slamming Romney. We have this piece that about off-shoring jobs and since the Obama regime has hit Romney on this, the Inqy plays the good soldier and hammers it home.

And don't forget the mandatory essay bemoaning the hard-right turn of the GOP and the bad influences of the Tea Party. You know the basics, Tea Partier beats supposed moderate, GOP is no longer accepting of centrists BS we saw when John Huntsman was running.

The one semi-unbiased article this week is about Chick-Fil-A in which the writer talks about the other issues facing Philly of greater concern than banning the chicken restaurant.

All in all, six essays from the left and one from the middle. The Inquirer is probably still wondering why it's sales are tanking. This will be one business pursuit in which Democratic power boss George Norcross will tank severely. I've met him, he's a smart business guy, perhaps he'll be the one to finally see the light.

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