Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Night News & Notes

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TGIF the 13th.

Here we go with Friday night idiocy with a (mostly) non-political bent:

-This would be why I link to and read Ace. It's not his analysis, which is sharp and insightful but stupid shit like this that he does best.

-This woman is panhandling on a corner in a bikini to raise enough money for a nicer set of fun bags. I admire the effort, honey. For the record, she looks pretty damn good for 37...except for the anatomical feature she's begging for money to enhance, but then they probably were about the same when she was 18.

-Some sleazy chick banged a married Long Island cop over a 100 times and now wants the local government to pay her damages because they didn't prevent her from spreading her legs and letting said cop bust a nut. Perhaps she can put on a bikini and raise money the old fashioned way like the girl above trying to do. Either that or turn tricks, which she essentially did 100 times and now wants to get paid for.

-Bad things sometimes happen.

-Great moments in marketing:
-So this woman is suing because she says Justin Bieber's concert harmed her hearing. I get it since his music shouldn't really be heard by anyone at anytime. But suing? Darlin', losing your hearing is just the penance you pay for shelling out the ducats to go see the pop fairy. Besides, if you consider Justin Bieber good music, you probably don't need that particular sense anyway because you would just abuse it further. Now for me, I saw a rather loud Metallica show once and my ears rang for a week or so but it was highly worth it. 

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