Sunday, May 06, 2012

Sunday Afternoon News & Notes

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The Sixers now lead the da Bulls 3-1 and may just wrap it up this week. An ass-kicking by the Heat awaits but still nice to se Doug Collins' team playing well. Hope the Flyers can get back to their winning ways tonight.

Here's what's new:

-One party rule for long periods is never a good thing and it's been doubly bad for Detroit.

-While Europe is in the grips of a serious fiscal reckoning, the French elect a socialist who definitely won't  install a platform of austerity. The Greeks seem to be feeling the same way. Europe is about to implode because they've spent generations trying to live off the socialist models espoused by men like Paul Krugman. Well, I guess we'll get to see if Krugman's Keynesian theories hold up. The job-makers will bolt once the new Obamaesque tax policies are implemented.

-IowaHawk's take on the "Julia" fiasco. Has a campaign ever put out anything that has been mocked as much as this?

-An anarchist's fashion guide. I would bet the dude has an I-Pad in the backpack and an I-Phone in his pocket.

-Glenn Reynolds has some guest bloggers.

-Now this is creepy. It seems they were the only ones to show up.

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