Sunday, May 27, 2012

Newsflash: Romney is Rich!

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Who knew?

First it was the LA Times and now we have the NY Times portraying Ann Romney as a wealthy elitist who likes to ride horses. They can't seem to make the whole GOP "war on women" thing stick so they are going back to the class warfare card. Perhaps Mrs. Romney once had a black stable hand whom then media can use to inject the race card.

It seems an odd tack to take considering Michelle Obama has traveled extensively using the tax dollars of Americans her husband has left mired in the worst economic conditions in decades. Spain? Check. Hawaii? Check. NYC for a date night? Check.

Perhaps the Obama's think that Americans want to see glamour like some did back when the Kennedy's were in the White House. They would be wrong. Barack is no JFK and Michelle is no Jackie, regardless of how they see themselves.

I say let the MSM play this card for all its worth. Ann Romney is a mother, cancer survivor and suffers from MS. Her husband and her built a family and a fortune the right way, through hard work and sacrifice. Americans do not begrudge someone what they have legally earned, because, you know, that's the American way.

And hey, at least we don't have to watch the media fawn all over a ketchup heiress who used her dead husbands money to marry a senator  who lost to the evil W. Bush and continues to fund terrorists. That was fun watching the media try to paper over Mrs. Heinz-Kerry's numerous verbal flubs.

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