Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day News & Notes

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-Meghan McCain continues milking any fame she mooched off her dad's horribly run campaign. She speaks as if she's the voice of reason in a GOP overrun with ideologues and birthers when the truth is the exact opposite. Her typical scenario is this: Go on MSNBC and slam some element of the right-wing and then when she gets slammed for it, she whines and cries that she's being bullied. This is the real world Meggy, a place where you have to be tough and defend what you say. people aren't always nice. Buck up, quit whining and come out as you really are; a liberal who plays mildly conservative so that MSNBC will still float you a check on occasion. And oh yeah, if you want to be taken seriously, think about what pictures you tweet.

-Veterans overwhelmingly support Mitt Romney. Small wonder.

-Meet Bill Robbins, proud Marine.

-Australia has taken global warminism to unbelievable depths.

-5 great pieces of R-rated life advice from the movies.

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