Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Night News & Notes

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Three game 7's in the NHL starting tonight. Meanwhile, the Flyers chill and get healthy.

Anyway, here's what's new:

-Obama went against Catholics with regard to the birth control provision under Obamacare. He just may have lost that vote in crucial states he needs (reported in a biased fashion of course). Here's some of what I has written previously. Note: The Jews are pissed as well.

-Making the Chevy Volt a campaign issue. A great idea. I've seen exactly 1 in my travels and I commute 162-miles round-trip daily.

-Is John Edwards the single biggest douchebag in American political history? The guy was fooling around on his cancer-stricken wife while denying paternity of the child his slut photographer girlfriend had. All so he could be the next VP. How must that have felt to be beaten out by that mental midget Joe Biden?

-Another attempt to play racial politics goes up in flames: George Zimmerman, the "White-Hispanic" has black roots. That sound you heard was thousands of liberal commentators heads exploding. Update: It appears George Zimmerman resembles Obamas un-born son as much as Trayvon did:

-Obama's top lawyer tanks in front of SCOTUS again. This would be why a world court would have been a bad idea.

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