Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Night News & Notes

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Evenin' all. Here's what's news:

-Mitt Romney seems to be learning that the MSM will never give him a fair shot so he's taking it to the new media where real questions are asked. Nice score by the Breitbart folks:

-Liberals will never understand that people are not cool with big government.

-Space Shuttle Discovery had her last flight to DC today. She will be displayed at the Smithsonian. This is an epic pic:

Picture via: NASA /Smithsonian Institution / Harold Dorwin

doubles down on stopping the Keystone Pipeline project. A fatal error during a period of rising gas prices? Only if the GOP gets off their collective asses and actually hits him on it.

-If you're pissed you had to file your taxes today and felt like you got bent over and manhandled, you may want to avoid this post by Dr. Rusty. I warned you.

-Sad news. Levon Helm, vocalist and drummer from one of my favorite all-time bands is losing his battle with cancer. Here's Helm at his best:

1 comment:

Otis.Opse said...

As usual, Cancer wins again. Lord knows I despise this dreaded disease.

Rest in peace, Levon!