Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Afternoon News & Notes

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Waiting for the Flyers-Devils series to begin. Once again we see the Atlantic Conference is by far the strongest conference in the NHL. I guess one could say the same about the NL East in baseball and the NFC East in football. I like the Flyers in six. Here's a preview.

Here's what else in going on:

-Now this is a dumb-ass. Dude, a meth lab is not supposed to be carried in your crotch.

-Government regulations shut down another groups livelihood.

-Will Ferrell--a guys I personally don't find funny--is set to return to what is left of SNL. I'm sure he'll break out the tired old Bush skits and get high praise from the MSM because anything that makes fun of W. is just plain hilarious in their collective eyes. meanwhile, the real George W. Bush will be busy meeting with veterans and staying classy--something the MS, never reports on.

-Did you know Obama has held more fundraisers than the last five president's combined? So much for his "laser-like focus" on jobs and the economy. Jeez, when does he even have time to play so much golf?

-The NY Times flip-flops again. I know, it's fish in the barrel but still fun to point out how they twist themselves into a pretzel on a daily basis.

-Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng has escaped custody and is now in US protection. He is a a man who has exposed the disgusting policies in China with regard to their policies of forced abortions on women who have a child already.  Chen is seeking asylum and meets all the criteria to be granted it. How will the Obama administration handle this situation? Not well I'm betting. Obama needs money and he's not about to make his primary banker look bad in the eyes of the world so I'm guessing Chen will quietly be handed over to the Chinese and will disappear into a gulag or executed for his "crimes". I hope I'm wrong on this but history seems to dictate Obama's course.

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