Friday, April 27, 2012

NPR: Anemic Growth is a Good Thing

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We received horrible news about our national economic growth today and every liberal hack was floundering around trying to spin it to sound better because this is what Mitt will pummel Obama with. It's expected but even more galling when it's done so shamelessly by an organization my tax dollars support:

Common sense says high growth rates are good and slower, more modest ones are not so good. But is that always the case? After all, the "irrational exuberance" of the early 2000s helped bring on the recession as people borrowed and spent their way to prosperity. 
Economists say growth will remain low and consumers will be cautious as long as unemployment stays high. Last month, the jobless rate stood at 8.2 percent.
So NPR went out and found four Krugman acolytes who would support this ridiculous notion.

Let's play a game and imagine that growth was, say, 6% or somewhere around where the Reagan Recovery was this far into his first term. Does anyone really believe that NPR would run a stupid piece like this?

England entered a double dip officially yesterday, we aren't that far above entering a double dip and growth is well below where everyone thought it would be.

Obama can fudge the unemployment numbers but he is having a harder time making the GDP numbers sound rosier. With only two more quarterly reports to be issued before the election (one right before), you can bet your ass he'll try to manipulate the data to make this feeble recovery look as good as he can.

As for NPR, please spare us the bullshit.

Here's more including a headline change.

Update: Via the Washington Examiner, here's a chart. Note at this point Reagan was overseeing an economy with 8% growth.

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