Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Night News & Notes

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Welcome to another week. Hey, at least we're one day closer to summer.

Plus, the Flyers put the hammer down on Pittsburgh and it all started with Claude Giroux knocking the snot out of Crybaby Crosby:

Here's what else is going on in the world:

-Shocker! Obama's playing fast and loose with tax dollars to make Obamacare look better.

-Damn, Obama's America is so bad, Mexicans are hightailing it back to Mexico.

-US professors attend an Occupy Wall Street conference in Tehran. It doesn't matter if other nations are Communist and wish the downfall of America or are Islamo-fascist and wish the downfall of America, you can count on American university professors to join them. As long as they wish for bad things for America, these degenerates will talk the trip to denounce us. Maybe they can meet Ahmadinejad and ask if there are any gays in Iran now.

-Did you ever notice that when you see a report on CNN or MSNBC about the stock market tanking, it's always because of Europe or some other reason but never because America is in the shitter? I wonder why that is.

-A US government representative directed questions on the Fast and Furious gunrunning case to Media Matters. Think about that now, a George Soros-funded scam is where citizens are directed to read the governments response to an event that resulted in the death of a federal agent. H/T: Teri

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