Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Has-Been Editor of Magazine That Sold for $1 Spews Venom

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I never saw the "genius" of Tina Brown. I consider her an elitist only liked by elites and as liberal as pseudo-commie Katrina van den Heuvel. Brown ran several lame magazines that no one outside of London and the Upper West Side read and had fleeting success. She never adapted to the Internet age and it's left her a bitter old liberal hag. You know the type, a former somebody who all of sudden is just like one of us great unwashed.

Ask 50 people who Tina Brown is and I guarantee the response you get most is "Ginger on Gilligan's Island?"

Here we have the the nasty old bitch opining on the recently deceased Internet guru Andrew Breitbart:

During Hitler’s German, there were 50 foreign correspondents in Berlin, which is an incredible index of the golden era of journalism. What we have, of course, in the era of today with Andrew Breitbart – the blogger, the right-wing radical blogger who just recently dropped dead in the early 40s – was, of course, the absolute opposite. It’s really the degradation, in a sense, of the journalistic ideals of a William Shirer. It was the absolute opposite. Breitbart didn’t report anything. What Breitbart did, really, was he was a provocateur. He was a death by 1,000 tweets. He was, you know, quite happy to take the flying sound bite – any sound bite – and misapply it in its context and create an absolute mayhem for the person concerned like he did for poor Shirley Sherrod who was the obscure official in the Agriculture Department. He gave the impression by the cutting of her words in a tape that he released that she was giving racially motivated financing decisions when she was doing the opposite. So this was really a, kind of, bastardization through the format of Web and tweeting and simply using the Internet as a tool for activism.
Now this is a great example of a woman who lacked both the imagination and brains to see where journalism was headed. She still believes that dead tree media can survive with the right editor and the requisite liberal staff spilling lots of ink. The fact that Breitbart helped create the Drudge Report, the Huffington Post (which won a Pulitzer yesterday) and his own website empire escapes the simple-minded Brown.

Breitbart irritated the hell out of Brown because he was doing exactly what she wished her own people could do but was doing it from the right. He was a risk-taker and one who would embarrass those who deserved it. Breitbart would not only expose ACORN and Planned Parenthood but laugh as he did it and rub it right in the elitist face of people like Brown. Then he would hit the local watering hole and argue politics from a bar stool.

 You see, in Brown's inane mind, Breitbart wasn't a real journalist because he didn't report on evil Nazi's or go to a war zone as Shirer did. Perhaps I'm missing something but how many war zones did Tina Brown report from? She wrote trash on Princess Diana and made a career from her death.

 She now has a hand in the Daily Beast and I have to ask, how many people actually read that sorry website? think about the last time you clicked on the site while you were actually aware you were doing it. She now runs a 10-page rag that was sold to a liberal senators husband for $1.

 Now think how many times you clicked on Breitbart.

 This is nothing but the bullshit drivel of a washed up old hag who can't handle the fact that she repeatedly got her elitist ass kicked by Breitbart and only upon his death has the balls to attack him.

 In my world we call a person like that a pussy.

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