Monday, March 12, 2012

Obama Getting Whacked By High Gas Prices

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The old saying goes that people vote their pocketbook and apparently they are sick that their pocketbooks and wallets are getting emptier by the day. Obama trotted out his interior secretary to try to calm fears after brutal poll results were released (results that are skewed in Obama's favor):

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar took to the White House briefing room Monday to defend President Obama’s energy plan after a new poll suggested high gas prices are eroding the president’s approval numbers.

Salazar insisted that Obama is reviewing short- and long-term actions to lower gas prices, while also noting that there are no quick fixes to the problem.

“All options are on the table because the president obviously feels the pain that the American people are facing,” Salazar said when asked if the administration would tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a 696-million barrel emergency oil stockpile.
Salazar is a lying bastard, all option are not on the table and never will be. Obama will play the SPR card and use it for short-term gain but prices will not go down unless he announces a broad initiative that really throws everything on the table. Approve the XL Pipeline, open up offshore drilling, allow drilling in ANWR and cut federal gasoline taxes by half would be a first step towards showing us that he is serious.

Tapping the reserve is a ploy to only lower prices temporarily according to candidate Obama so what's the use? Plus, it's been Salazar's MO to restrict drilling wherever and whiner he can so why trust him now?

Obama will pill out any trick he can when he realizes that high gas prices will sink him faster than any other issue save another terrorist attack on our soil and Lord knows we don't need that.

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