Monday, February 13, 2012

Whitney Dies, Sleazy Sharpton Gets Ink

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Like most people, I woke up Sunday, went outside (in the snow) and picked up the paper. As I'm walking up the driveway, I'm reading about the tragedy of Whitney Houston dying and I see this:

Houston had been at rehearsals for the show Thursday, coaching singers Brandy and Monica, according to a person who was at the event but was not authorized to speak publicly about it. The person said that Ms. Houston looked disheveled, was sweating profusely, and smelled of liquor and cigarettes.

Rosen said police received a 911 call from hotel security about Ms. Houston at 3:43 p.m. local time Saturday. Paramedics, already at the hotel because of a Grammy party, unsuccessfully tried to resuscitate her, the lieutenant said.

The Rev. Al Sharpton said he would call for a national prayer Sunday morning during a service at Second Baptist Church in Los Angeles.

"The morning of the Grammys, the world should pause and pray for the memory of a gifted songbird," Sharpton said in a written statement.
Emphasis mine.

Look at how they just through that in there. Now either the AP actually called Sharpton to get a response or the vile good reverend actually sent a press release with his thoughts in an effort to get his name in the biggest story of the month. I'm betting on the latter since Sharpton is an attention whore of the highest order. He has no perceptible skill that I've every been able to identify except finding high-profile issues that can somehow be perceived as containing a racial content and exploiting them for his benefit.

The a-hole that is Sharpton began his tawdry career by using race to try to destroy some cops and it blew up in his fat mug. The only reason he even assisted the "victim", Tawana Brawley was to get on TV. He smeared numerous good people and ruined lives, all for his chance at some fame.

He got it too thanks to a media that is too lazy to actually interview some African-Americans who really help their race or too biased to talk with conservative blacks like Niger Innis because they aren't really black in the eyes of the MSM. Does Niger Innis's opinion matter less than Al Sharpton's? Evidently so because the AP just jammed a sentence into a story about the death or of drug-addled superstar that had no business being there. Does the AP really believe that people were reading about Houston's death and thought to themselves "hmm, I wonder what Al Sharpton thinks about this"? evidently so because they didn't even try to fit the sentence in where it may have fit.

Leave it to Al Sharpton to speak for the entire black community on every issue and leave it to the AP to parrot his drivel at every opportunity.

Exit question: Who has a better chance of going to hell; Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart or Al Sharpton? My answer is all three of these con men.

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