Saturday, February 18, 2012

Just a Reminder; Muslim Terrorists Still Want Us Dead

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We've all grown accustomed to terror incidents by Muslim's being white-washed and the LA Times is right up there with the worst of them when reporting them.

I give you Richard Serrano:

An immigrant from Morocco armed with an automatic weapon and wearing what he thought was a suicide vest packed with explosives was arrested near the U.S. Capitol building in Washington by FBI agents who had been closely monitoring him in an undercover sting operation, officials announced Friday.

Amine El Khalifi, 29, who allegedly had overstayed his visa after first arriving in the U.S. when he was 16, was charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction against government property. He faces a sentence of life in prison if convicted.
Although it doesn't explicitly say so, I'm sure this guy was not a Methodist.

Overstayed his visa, Mr. Serrano? Overstaying your visa is leaving a few days late. 13 years is most-definitely not "overstaying", it's a felony and he should have been deported years ago.

The thought of suicide vests being used in the US is frightening and would be a major escalation that we are ill prepared for.

Major props to the FBI for sniffing this out and eliminating the threat, our intelligence services and FBI deserve to get beat up on occasion but when they do well it should also be noted. This Moroccan meant business:

According to Neil MacBride, the U.S. attorney in Alexandria, El Khalifi believed he was working for the Al Qaeda terror network when in fact it was FBI agents who had been closely monitoring him for over a year as part of the Washington field office’s joint terrorism task force.

Nevertheless, MacBride said, El Khalifi "devised the plot, the targets and the methods on his own."

His plan was to shoot his way into the Capitol building and then detonate the bomb, according to officials. He reportedly told undercover agents that he "would be happy killing 30 people."
I'll be more than happy if we kill just one particular Moroccan but I digress.

So I'm guessing this guy would have just shot and then detonated without regard to what side of the aisle our elected representatives were on. Maybe the liberals in the House and Senate will take a few minutes to ponder that and stop standing in the way when smarter people are trying to protect them and us.

And for the enlightenment of Mr. Serrano, he would be just as happy to kill you as would all Muslim terrorist's. He planned on hitting synagogues and restaurants before settling on the Capitol. And for the record, El Khalifi prayed at a Mosque the day of the foiled attack, Mr. Serrano.

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