Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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A little bit of snow followed by a little rain yesterday and we have an icy mess in South Jersey. Still, it was nice to wake up to some of the white stuff on the trees.

Anyway, here's what is happening in this crazy world:

-Rumors of Joe Pa's death spread over social media like wildfire last night. Apparently they aren't quite true. Man, the power of Facebook and Twitter is massive.

-Juan Williams is a conservative according to the bigoted, tax money grubbing folks at NPR. They can't pull the plug on that network soon enough.

-Now this is one scientific report I will whole-heartedly support.

-Terrell Owens could have been a legend in Philadelphia or anywhere else he played if he just acted like he cared about the city he played in or the team played for. Instead, it became the T.O. show wherever he went and he alienated everyone. looks like it's coming back to bite him in the ass. I'm trying to feel a little sympathy but it's just not happening.

-Chris Christie is well-positioned for a run in 2016 if things go awry for the GOP this year.

-Bill Maher admits he never read the SOPA, doesn't know what's in it but doesn't like it because he had some intellectual property stolen. Buddy Roemer and the dude from the Daily Caller set him straight as to the ramifications:

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