Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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Happy Sunday.

Here's what's going on in this crazy world:

-Christina Romer--chief architect of Obamanomics--says what all of us knew in January of 2009:

-Mark Steyn:

On Thursday, in honor of Barack Obama’s 50th birthday, the Dow dropped ten points for every year he has walked among us. It was the ninth largest drop in history. We should be relieved he wasn’t turning eighty.

-You know we're really screwed when Obama's people are directing their Twitter followers to read Ezra Klein to understand the downgrade of our debt rating. Klein had this brilliant insight into our Constitution and got absolutely schooled by Rick Santelli on the air the other day.

-So, uber liberal Froma Harrop calls Tea Partiers of being terrorists and "al-Qaeda bombers" and then turns off her comments when she get scorched for doing so. Liberals are such pussies...even the female ones.

-I leave you with the Kinks--a band who never received the kudos of other, less talented British bands. Catch Me Now I'm Falling is their take on how other nations bail on America when we need some help:

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