Monday, February 21, 2011

Senator Inhofe School Global Warming Tool

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Some liberal yahoo went to Capitol Hill to ambush Senator James Inhofe--a leading sceptic of global warming "science"--outside a conference room as he was leaving. Senator Inhofe beat them over the head metaphorically with a plethora of facts. In fact, he whooped them so bad They edited their video down to about 10% of all video shot. The senator outsmarted them also video taping the interaction and getting it out in full instead of allowing liberals to use their usual editing tactics.

Below is the complete video released by Inhofe and here's the edited one put out the would-be ambusher.

Just as an aside, the new female faces of the GOP are Sarah Palin, Christy Noem and Nikki Haley. Now note the girls on the video. Just sayin in my own right-wing, misogynistic way....

Hat tip: Daily Caller.

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