Monday, August 02, 2010

Monday Morning News & Notes

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On vacation this week, which would explain why I'm writing this on a Monday morning at 8:00 AM.

Anyway, here's what's news:

-Fox News is movin on up to the front row. It seems so fitting and probably makes liberals insane that the reason they moved up is because an old, reliable hack blurted out her true feelings about Israel (a view many in the MSM agree with) and had to be shit-canned.

-Obama may just go down as the sneakiest SOB sitting in the Oval Office ever. American like a fair fight while Obam,a favors the blind sucker punch instead.

-Were the Wikileaks documents the product of a pissed off gay man and not a valiant whistle blower? So now we have numerous informants who will be beheaded because a homosexual didn't get his way.

-Palin hits Obama where it counts. She drives the media and liberals (but I'm redundant) insane.

-When he retires, someone better offer Ozzie Guillen a show. The dude is always good for an incendiary remark and probably sparks more conversations on race than anyone.

-Typhoid Obama?

-Chris Muir's doing a fundraiser and could use your help.

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