Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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The non-blogging hiatus is over and you'll see more frequent posts as we near election time.

Here's what's news:

-I'm guessing the Democrats will the lowest Jewish turnout for them ever. Thanks to Obama's disjointed policy toward Israel and idiocy like this.

-The Brits are going the route of funneling money into businesses that are job creators not government that kills employment. More importantly; the infusion of money is into the National Health Service and is designed to replace government workers with private contractors...the exact opposite of what we are doing in America. Note: the link is to the communist rag The Guardian so take that for what it's worth. Also note that liberal commenter's are apoplectic.

-When even Ezra Klein realizes just how devastated our employment sector is, you know it's to dismal to hide anymore. 12.5 years to return to normalcy? The numbers don't even support that frightful outlook. More here.

-Hollywood has no shame when it comes to portraying strong, conservative women who've changed history for the better. Of course, the real facts such as the leadership of Baroness Thatcher helped bring down the Soviet Union and other memorable events don't fit the narrative so they just plan on making shit up:

He adds of the film: “Although fictional, it will be fair and accurate.”

Update: Like I said: they're just making shit up now.

Fake but accurate is the meme of lowlife progressives who can't win an argument through intelligent discourse and facts.

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