Friday, May 28, 2010

Exploiting a Disaster

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George W. Bush had exactly two days before the media slammed him for his response to Hurricane Katrina. It was within a week that IQ-challenged Kanye West noted that Bush "doesn't care about black people". Regardless of he fact that the preparations for just such a catastrophic event was the responsibility of then mayor Ray Nagin and Governor Kathleen Blanco, the media spun it as George Bush personally ignoring a ruined American city. They printed every vile rumor (rapes in the Superdome, etc. incidentally, reported by Nagin) and neglected the video evidence of NOLA police looting stores and failing miserably in their duties because it didn't fit the narrative.

So now we have Barack Obama really ignoring a major disaster that could have been prevented or at least contained if he had qualified people in place or took a few minutes away from playing golf to learn what response was warranted. All his talk of being on the case from "day one" is bullshit in the extreme. He wasn't even clear on whether or not his MMS head was fired or quit...really engaged Barry. If they had been, the oil never would have reached the shores of Louisiana. The incident happened in federal waters and required a federal response. With the authority granted the federal government under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, the regime could have taken the lead and brought in knowledgeable people instead of relying on an incompetent political hack who allowed her organization to not only shirk their responsibility but watch porn and take favors on the taxpayers time.

When you've lost Chris Matthews and his daily knob-slobbing of Obama, you've definitely done a piss poor job of leading during a time of crisis.

For the record, he has taken definitive action on one front; he's added to our energy crunch by canceling off-shore lease sales.

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