Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Evening News & Notes

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Some quick hits to tide you over:

-The Obama administration has received ten times more money from Goldman-Sachs than Bush did from Enron. Blanche Lincoln's writing the bill and, despite the appearance of impropriety, will not return the money she received from the evil corporation.

-So much for that whole "most transparent administration ever" thing. These guys make the Bush administration look downright open with regard to secrecy.

-Douchebag Alan Grayson says something stupid once again. This dude makes Biden look cerebral.

-It's on: Rupert Murdoch about to kick Pinch Sulzberger's ass even more. I can't wait until the Times coup happens and old Pinch is kicked to the curb.

-Someone looks at a liberal funny and it's cause for screaming about threats, etc. Someone actually attacks and hits a conservative woman and the media is silent. What bias?

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