Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Night News and Notes

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Ah, liberals are so self-righteous and smart aren't they? Mika Brzezinski--daughter of one of Jimmy Carter's worst advisers and that's saying something--poke fun at Sarah Palin for not giving a straight answer to the Glenn Beck question "who is your favorite Founding Father"? You could just hear it in Mika's voice that she abhors the hillbilly from Wasilla. So who does our lefty heroine Mika name? Hamilton? No. Washington (whom Palin named)? No. What about Jefferson? Er, no. She names Abraham Lincoln; a man not born until after the Founding Fathers had done their work. I for one am partial to Teddy Roosevelt who wasn't actually a Founding Father but neither was Honest Abe. Brzezinski's idiocy below:

-Massachusetts is now a toss-up. An electoral explosion is about to take place and it will sink the health care bill. Curt Schilling (yes, the former Phillies and Sox pitcher) has a take on Coakley's latest faux pas and probably her worst one thus far as far as Boston is concerned.

-Harry Reid is wheeling and dealing with the thugs who run the big unions. Hope, change and transparency. The exact opposite of Obama's America.

-Remember Scott Ritter, the guy who was a hero of the left when he went against Bush on WMD, even though he said they were there? He's been busted again for pedophilia. For libs, that's a resume enhancer so he should be back working for some Democrat soon enough.

-Haiti is hurting bad but the US has secured the airport and the carrier Carl Vinson is on the scene. Stories are coming out and they are not pleasant. Here's one that will hopefully end as well as circumstances allow:

-I'm guessing Ben Nelson is not remembering his little health care vote extortion ploy in a good light. He was booed by his constituents while getting a pizza. Damn I can't wait until November.

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