Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Afternoon News & Notes

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After the Eagles suffered a second ass-kicking by the hated Cowboys, I was loathe to watch the playoffs today. Of course I'm a sports junkie so I tuned in and now am watching the Ravens smack the Pats. I sure hope the next game is better.

Anyway, here's what's news:

-The GOP candidate for Teddy Kennedy's seat is either up one or down 15% depending on the polling firm. Either way, the fact we're discussing it says quite a bit. Ace has more.

-As with every attempt at subsidizing industry, Obama's "green jobs" initiatives are a failure. How bad of a failure? Try $135K per job created (or saved?)

-Generally, one can tell the future of a culture by how they raise their young. What's this foretell?

-Savor the schadenfreude; Hugo Chavez socialist utopia not really doing all that great.

-Ethanol has been an epic failure. Originally it was promising but it proved to be expensive and damaging to numerous economic sectors. Now that they've subsidized it to the extent they have, it's just like every other government program that ends up a mess, we're stuck with it.

-What happened to the History Channel? I love the Military History Channel but the parent channel is off the tracks.

-David Horowitz has a new site. Check it out including this smack down of both Chrissy Matthews and Ronnie Reagan, Jr.

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