Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Afternoon News & Notes

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Snow is falling and that gives me an excuse to do nothing but write a few posts, watch a movie and perhaps take a nap.

Here's what's going on:

-Ken Gude of the far left Center for American Progress essentially calls New Yorkers a bunch of friggin' pussies for not allowing the trial of KSM in Manhattan. I'm sure a few Giant, Yankee and Ranger fans would enjoy a few minutes alone with the liberal douchebag, Mr. Gude. As for KSM, it appears that his case is back where it was before Obama foolishly said to move it to NYC.

-Listen, I hate the BCS as much as any college football fan, but with unemployment at 10%, two wars still ongoing and deficits higher than ever, is it in the nations best interest for Obama to seek to eliminate it?

-The Russians are back in the arms race and they have us in their sites. We, meanwhile, have cut weapons programs.

-We fought the Revolutionary War to break away from royalty and entitlement. Someone should tell Nancy Pelosi. While we're at it, we may want to explain that we have military men and women who are fighting every day and aren't allowed to have a drink but she uses military aircraft and parties like she's in a damn frat house.

-Haitians are still dying and flights for treatment to the US have stopped because Obama is trying to dump the costs on the individual states performing the life saving work.

-Jon Stewart rips Chris Matthews. I know, fish in a barrel, yada, yada...

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