Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Polls Closed, Updates Abound (Update: Brown WINS!)

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Ok, it's 25-minutes since the polls shut down and the early and often and dead voters went home. No numbers thus far but there is some news:

-Pollster Frank Luntz is having trouble getting Coakley supporters to sit for his usual election night group.

-O'Reilly just said with 7% in Brown leads by 3%; 51-48%.

-Allah predicts heartbreak, but then he generally does. (Note: as of 9:13 Hot Air has crashed.)

-AP also has this showing results in Ashland: 54-45% for Brown.

-Early results show Brown by 7% with 238 of 2168 Precincts Reporting. That's 11%.

-36% Brown by 5%.

-Update: Some heavy hitters call it for Brown. As it stands it's Brown by 7% with 63% in. It's over and Brown has done it.

-None of the nets have called it but it's over. The big loser is Barack Obama. Who would want that guy to come in and stump them? He lost at Copenhagen...twice in a few months. He couldn't push Corzine over in deep blue New Jersey and he's failed to carry Coakley over the finish line. Reid and Pelosi are a close second.

-County by county here.

-Lots of major websites are crashing. The entire country is paying attention.

-Coakley concedes! Fox, AP, MSNBC and everyone else calls it for Brown. The look on Maddow's face was awesome.

-Chris Matthews looks like he's constipated. I guess no tingles up his leg tonight.

-Maddow and Matthews are spinning like whirling dervishes calling Tea Partiers "hypocrites" and spewing the typical lib rhetoric that it wasn't policy, it was message. Please, please, please keep that mindset until November.

-Norah O'Donnell is apoplectic. It's like a funeral at MSNBC. I've never had fun at a funeral until tonight. Hell, O'Donnell is even wearing black. Maddow sounds like his dog died.

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