Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Night News and Notes

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Here's what's going on. New posts below.

-Sarah Palin inks a contract with Fox News. I like it. She can hone her delivery skills and will reach a huge audience. Of course, the loser libs are in a frenzy about it as they are about every single thing with Palin.

-Racist majority Leader to campaign by calling GOP racist. What could possibly go wrong?

-Obliterating any good will people had left toward the Edwards duo. Devastating takedown by Heilman and Halperin.

-Code Pink is not only anti-American but pro-terrorism. Absolute scum, but you knew that.

-A potentially huge oil find in the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana. Too bad Obama and Pelosi won't let us actually make money off of it.

-Liberals are now Progressives, global warming is now climate change and jobs saved or created is now "jobs funded". Obama is just making shit up now.

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