Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday Morning News and Notes

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Happy Christmas Eve day. Not sure what the holiday sales numbers will look like but anecdotally I'd say they will be down. The big snow last week didn't help.

Anyway, here's what's news:

--How much do we hate Iran? So much that we're sending John Kerry over there to drone on and on. Perhaps they'll get so irritated by his incessant drivel they'll give up their nukes. At least he can't hurt the country too much while he's out of it but the Iranian protesters aren't too happy.

--Liberals are shocked that Obama is not the savior he said he was. We on the right spotted the smarminess and oily nature of Obama from the day he spoke at the 2004 convention. Again, savor the schadenfreude.

--Ezra Klein is a hack and always has been. He actually had the temerity to quote this BS by fellow hack David Weigel:

The problem is that Palin has put the political press in a submissive position, one in which the only information it prints about her comes from prepared statements or from Q&As with friendly interviewers. This isn’t something most politicians get away with, or would be allowed to get away with. But Palin has leveraged her celebrity — her ability to get ratings, the ardor of her fans and the bitterness of her critics — to win a truly unique relationship with the press. She is allowed to shape the public debate without actually engaging in it.
Both of these morons are too blinded by their partisanship to figure out that Barack Obama has never been questioned by a tough reporter. The media gave him a free ride that he still enjoys and one in which Sarah Palin could only dream about. Disingenuous scum; the both of them.

--The media continue to view Black Republicans with utter scorn and disbelief. Damon Dunn sums it up in a way that one wishes our party standard bearers would:

Dunn's is one of those rags-to-riches stories. He was born into poverty to an unmarried teen, he recounts, and raised in a trailer on his grandparents' small Texas farm, where he slopped hogs, tended chickens and studied hard. He became a high school honor student and an academic All Pac-10 at Stanford.

He's articulate, outgoing, good looking -- and one of the few black Republican political candidates. Why Republican? "No entitlement program got me out of poverty," he says. "It was hard work."
Amen. Note the scorn in the question "why Republican?"

Finally, Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukkah Hannukkah Chanukah to my Jewish friends. May you get everything you want and then some.

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