Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday Morning News and Notes

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NFL picks to follow.

Here's the news:

-Sarah Palin knocks 'em dead at the Gridiron Dinner. The loud and rambunctious Barney Frank was overshadowed; a news event in itself.

-The Inquirer dutifully tells us that Corzine's loss in New Jersey had nothing to do with Obama even though it had a great deal to do with Obama.

-When even Trudy Rubin notes the Obama plan for Af-Pak is going to be construed as weak, you know it's a sign of weakness. Will someone please alert Greg Sheridan.

-Dude, the Tiger Woods story just get nastier and nastier. Why even get married?

-Montgomery Burns had a nice election in NYC and it didn't cost him a penny. No word on what Smithers said about it.

-Dana Milbank, Obama love and broken hopes. The media is inconsolable that the savior of their collective dreams is not exactly what he seemed.

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