Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Night News and Notes

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Here's what's new in this crazy-ass world.

-Ace is kinda, sorta putting out feelers for a Kos-like right-wing summit. Kinda like Yearly Kos (now netroots) with more beer and jokes and less merlot and whining. Frank J. has ideas for the shindig and I have to say I like them. Here's a few of my favorites:

* A panel on hippie punching led by Fred Thompson.

* Guns, guns, and more guns. And then other guns than those.

* Top rocks bands from around the world. And if any of them object to playing for conservatives, we punch them for being hippies.

* Ninja assassins guarding the doors making sure no liberals get in.

Dude, based on that; I'm in.

-Is there any dude in the world you'd want to see get their ass severely kicked or whose ass you'd want to kick than Levi Johnston. Yo asshole, real men stay home and raise their kids. They don't go to Hollywood and pose with their full 3-inches swingin out for Playgirl. Just saying.

-A chart showing competitive House raises. Adler (NJ-3) should most-definitely not be in the "likely Democrat" category. He won simply because of huge Obama turnout and the district was owned by Republican Jim Saxton for decades. Look for Chris Myers to run again.

-The feds moved on Iranian assets in the US.

-One thing a military man or woman hates is dithering and unsuredness from their commanding officer or even platoon leader. It signals weakness and generally dispels all notions of good morale. It's much worse when it comes from the Commander-in-Chief. They want a mission--regardless of what it is. They want a straight-forward assessment and direction will carry the mission out.

-It's good to hear W speaking out on the issues of the day. Of course, he has too much class to criticize the current president as Clinton did as he believes it below the office he held.

-Finally, speaking of George Bush; Hillary supporters finally have figured out what many of us knew: George W. Bush is and was a genuinely kind and caring individual who did things because he thought they were the right things, not for politics.

-Pic at right is my boy throwing out a kid at 2nd at the USSSA World Series in Pace, FL over the summer.


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