Saturday, November 28, 2009

Selectively Jumping to Conclusions

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The far left site Crooks and Liars jumps to the immediate conclusion that a psycho with lots of guns and lots of explosives is a right-wing anti-government loon. They also add this:

Of course, if this had been a Muslim extremist caught with such an arsenal, we'd be getting talk-show panels on Hannity featuring Michelle Malkin ranting at length about the threat of Islamic jihad, blah blah blah. Not to mention chatty discussion on Fox and Friends and Morning Joe.

But instead, because he's just a white anti-government extremist, hey, let's just give it a big shrug.
Hmmm...white anti-government extremist. Who does that remind me of? Let's see if I can recall. It's becoming clearer...white, anti-government, into explosives...

Oh yeah; the guy who was a mentor of the current president.

Yeah, I recall all the Crooks and Liars pieces condemning Hasan who, you know, actually killed people.

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