Monday, September 28, 2009

Roman Polanski Raped a Child, Liberals

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Hollywood and much of Europe is up in arms that the Swiss would arrest filmmaker Roman Polanski on an arrest warrant that is three decades old. Keep in mind that Polanski plead guilty and was awaiting sentencing for plying a 13-year old girl with a quaalude, raping her and then sodomizing her while she repeatedly said to stop. He was in his forties at the time.

Liberals and Europeans (but I'm redundant) are screaming that Polanski is a victim (and not disclosing their personal interests in the case). He's never been allowed back in America (the poor baby) and dude, he makes great movies that no one actually goes to see (but he's a genius).

We just got over the vile treatment afforded the death of Edward Kennedy who allowed a young woman to die while he did nothing and now we move on to the issue of a pedophile who performed oral and anal sex on a young girl (and someones daughter) just to get his jollies. Liberals actually have the temerity to defend both.

I will give credit where it's due to Kate Harding who writes for the uber liberal Salon however. I also give credit to some others who see this for what it is; the pursuit of a man who violated a teenager (although they all temper it with platitudes about liking Polanski films, yada, yada)

Is there any crime that liberals won't defend? Illegal immigration? Defend. Pedophilia? Ditto. Child prostitution proposals? Definitely. Defending the United States against terrorist's? Throw those who did so in jail!

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