Friday, August 14, 2009

When Did Cubs Fans Become Such Pussies?

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There once was a time I had admiration for fans of the Chicago Cubs. They were lovable diehards who packed Wrigley field and lived and died (always) with their team every season. They were people you could respect because they seemed to respect the game.

Unfortunately, it turns out they are ill-tempered and thin-skinned Chicagoans of the Obama mode where I had them as more of the tough Al Capone mode.

Earlier this week some cretin poured his beer on Phillies Shane Victorino as he was catching a ball at the wall during a 12-2 ass kicking the Phightin's were dropping on the Cubbies. Number 8 made the catch anyway. Here's the vid (from a sorry Mets fan, btw):

Cowardly and representative of what the media portrays Phillies fans like myself as when it's not true.

Now we have word that a few fans in the right field section are perturbed that Cubs rightfielder Milton Bradley allegedly gave them the finger. Their own player gave them the finger? They probably deserved it.

Quit whining, pussies, I got the finger about eight times today alone driving down the NJ Turnpike for crying out loud. Suck it up you formerly lovable losers and start showing at least an iota of class. Just because Obama is a president from Chicago who asks like a San Franciscan doesn't mean you have to.

For the record, I hope the Cardinals win the NL Central by ten friggin' games.

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