Monday, July 27, 2009

The Stimulus & Green Jobs Myth

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In the lead up to the stimulus signing, Obama talked of pumping money into environmental causes and "green" jobs. It seems as though he talked the talk but doesn't quite walk the walk.

This from the EPA website where $7.2-billion was set aside for the EPA to implement these vague programs, we have an interactive map that shows state-by-state allocations and how much they've spent thus far.

Let's look at a few states:

New Jersey has $8,177,256 allocated. They've spent $7,589 or a measly or 0.092%.

Hmmm, that's a small amount. But wait, what about a state that really needs increased spending like Ohio where they are losing jobs like no other place. Surely they have had a massive amount of money spent on these mythical "green" jobs to replace the dwindling car industry and other positions. Let's see:

Allocated: $297,223,862, spent: $21,962 or 0.007%.

Wow, thank goodness they supported Obama, huh?

OK, the greenest state of all, the Golden State has to be spending money hand over fist to get their folks back to work and help close that huge deficit they have. How much?

Er...They've spent $5,827,399, an absolute fortune when compared to the other states but what percentage is that? Uh, how about 1.195%.

So the stimulus was so important that to go against Obama was akin to being not only un-American but to be be a blasphemer has released a piddling amount of money for the projects he championed the most.

About the way we expected things to happen on the right side of the blogosphere.

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