Monday, July 06, 2009

Monday Evening News and Notes

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Posting light over the weekend as I was in Virginia with my son in a baseball tournament. Nothing more American than that. His team didn't do so well but I assistant-coached a 14U team that took the championship over a team from Harrisburg. I was proud of kids who I just met this weekend and bonded with pretty quick.

Anyway, here's the news:

--A good piece on global warming alarmism from AJ Fluerh. This from DC Writeup where you can read opinion on just about anything.

--On a similar note, the green police are coming after you if you reside in merrie olde England.

--Bush library to display the pistol Saddam Hussein's was carrying when we smoked him out of the spider hole. He won't be needing it anymore so I see no problems with it.

--About what I expected; the American public is steering a wide path away from GM and Chrysler--both now essentially owned and operated by the government and unions--and heading to non-government owned Ford.

--Why do I have a sinking feeling that Obama's going to get hoodwinked by Medvedev? Our guy was schooled in the fine art of diplomacy and leadership by the likes of ACORN while theirs was schooled by the former head of the KGB.

--Obama runs for office on the governments dime and no one says anything. Sarah Palin decides to do the right thing and not make the state pay for her political ambition and it's the top story for days. The left hates Palin even more than Bush at this point and sure as hell don't say that lightly.

--Reuters is up to their old tricks again. Why do these MSM idiots still believe they can get away with this kind of bullshit?

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