Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Evening News and Notes

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Another beautiful day in San Diego.

Here's what's happening in all corners of the globe:

The hopelessly anti-Israeli BBC fights to keep a report showing they are anti-Israel secret. They've spent a good deal of forcefully-paid taxes to fight it too.

Oil tumbles to under $36 per barrel. That's $0.86 per gallon. How's that taste, Hugo? Chavez just may be Ceaucescued in a short time.

Reid and Pelosi are in a cat fight. Watching these two "leaders" argue should make for entertaining theater. Grab me the popcorn. The pic at right is the room where the Dems will sentence the US economy to death. Might as well save it for posterity purposes.

Voters believe they have a better idea what to do with their money than Congress. That's the classic definition of Conservatism by the way.

Idiot finds an intellectual and ideological soul mate in Keith Olbermann.

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