Thursday, February 05, 2009

Still Not Fonda Hanoi Jane

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Jane Fonda (yeah, she's still around) has started a blog inspired by, wait for it...Rosie O'Donnell. It's got the usual BS one would expect from a former b-grade actress who still thinks she's relevant instead of a washed up, delusional discard from Ted Turner's life and ranch.

The anonymous "Stage Right" at Big Hollywood does the duty of picking apart her posts and it's easy pickings to say the least. But she couldn't stay away from slamming the military once more:

Joining us was Marlisa Grogan, Captain in the US Marine Corp (29 UES). I had never met her before and was very impressed. She has such a deep understanding of why it is important for us to support active duty members of the military who are anti war or, at least, anti a war they feel is wrong and ill-conceived. She herself has been involved in an anti war show that has performed for active duty personnel. She said that it is the soldiers who have seen active duty who tend to be anti war more than the ones who have stayed stateside. “They just don’t know,” she said. She talked about the similarities that exist between today’s military and those of the Vietnam era but also pointed out the profound differences, citing in particular, the fact that so many recruits are confronted with the choice between jail or military. For many it’s a much needed job.
Now, anyone with any idea of how things work in the military knows that the final statement I emphasized hasn't been true in decades. The military doesn't want you if you can't cut it. It's a tired old canard used by liberals and leftards and is eaten up by hard core anti-military types like Fonda. I served in the military and if you were facing jail, the military didn't want your kind. In the late eighties into the nineties up til now, the military rejected those people and has grown into the greatest military force in world history; smart (yes John Kerry), tough, trained to perfection and ready to go wherever needed.

Fonda pissed all over POW's and allowed herself to be used for propaganda by the North Vietnamese. The photo (at right) of her looking through an anti-aircraft gun is as iconic as any from that war. She was a traitor against her nation as much as Tokyo Rose (the Ruth Hayakawa version), Robert Hanssen or Alger Hiss.

There's two things that are is as ingrained in military life today as they were forty years ago: Your recruiter screwed you and Jane Fonda is a still a fucking traitor. Both will never go away.

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