Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday Night Videos--Special Edition

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So I got to thinking, what are the songs that everyone should have on their Ipod? I mean, if you were to start in the sixties and work your way to the present, what songs would you give to someone who is just learning about music such as your own child? I've broken them down by eras and I think this is a pretty good list:

The Sixties:

Positively 4th Street--Bob Dylan.

The Rolling Stones Paint it Black

Jimi Hendrix--Are you Experienced:

The Kinks You Really Got Me

The Band--The Weight

The Seventies:

The Who The Seeker.

Little Feat--Spanish Moon.

Lynyrd Skynyrd--That Smell

The Kinks--Celluloid Heroes:

The Grateful Dead--Box of Rain.

Bob Marley--Rat Race.

The Eighties:

Rush--Red Barchetta.

Van Halen--Unchained:


AC/DC--Hells Bells.


Nirvana--All Apologies.

Pearl Jam--Rear View Mirror (an excellent live version BTW).

Offspring--Americana (explicit).

Limp Bizkit--Break Stuff (explicit).

Alice in Chains--Rotten Apple.

Soundgarden--Fell on Black Days:

The new century:

System of a Down--Prison Song.

Natalie Merchant--Sally Ann.

Linkin Park--Faint:

Lucinda Williams--Are You Alright.

Godsmack--Straight Out Of Line.

Red Hot Chili Peppers--Wet Sand:

Honorable mentions:

David Gilmour--Murder.

Blind Faith--Can't Find My Way Home.

Elvis Costello--Allison.

Allman Brothers--Whipping Post.

Muddy Waters--Champagne and Reefer.

Sublime--40 oz. to Freedom.

Let the arguments commence.

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