Thursday, January 29, 2009

What's In a Name?

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With liberals, apparently a lot.

Libs are always changing the name of things they are passionate about because inevitably everything they are passionate about crashes and burns. Global warming became "climate change" once they realized that the world wasn't, in fact, warming. Besides, climate change allowed them to blame every snow storm, hurricane, tsunami, rainstorm, ice storm and fog on "climate change". Even they know they sounded stupid blaming a blizzard on "global warming".

Hell, they even changed their words for themselves. Once Ronald Reagan and Jeanne Kirkpatrick turned the word "liberal" into a dirty word, they switched it to "progressive".

They're at it again and it's by executive fiat this time:

Lesson in political correctness from the Obama administration:

No longer call the $819 billion spending bill in the Congress the “economic stimulus” package.

Henceforth, it shall be known as the “economic recovery” bill.

That’s the command from the White House to all federal agencies.

The Federal Highway Administration notified state transportation departments of the change in terminology this week.

Apparently, the word stimulus may give too much of an impression that the bill spends a gigantic load of tax dollars.

The word “recovery,” however, has a lot more hope in it. And “hope,” if you’ll remember from the campaign, was a major theme of the new president.
Emphasis mine. Apparently, progressives liberals aren't all that comfortable with this bill now that the Republicans have given them sole ownership. Apparently, the public isn't too hip on it either judging by the latest polling data.

Instead of calling it a "recovery" bill, let's call it was it truly is: The "Huge Fucking Spending Bill That Will Handicap Our Children With Debt"...That's a mouthful I know but why not be more truthful with ourselves than liberal are with themselves?

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